Each Day is a New Beginning

Lot’s of us try to start a new life modality at the New Year, then if there’s a fail or a hiccup, we wait another year. Do you really want only around 70 to 100 chances for a fresh start during your life? Of course not. So don’t think of New Year as your only chance. Don’t even think of the first of the month as your only chance, or each Monday. Expand your awareness and opportunities to every day. If you eat a non diet meal, don’t do your work, miss a work out, forget and errand or chores, that’s fine, tomorrow is always a new day!

Here Ye Here Ye! The Doctors Just Caught up with the Cavemen! Carbs, not Fats, are the Killers!

Paleo Magnifico

Doctors have now realised that the last four decades of encouraging people to cut back on fat has ‘paradoxically increased our cardiovascular risks’.

A study in the 1970s said there was a link between heart disease and blood cholesterol, which correlated with the calories provided by saturated fat. But, in a Daily Mail article Dr Malhotra, interventional cardiology specialist registrar at Croydon University Hospital, London said: “correlation is not causation.”

Nothing could be more important than that phrase. Those people with heart problems who happened to eat a fair bit of fat were probably chucking back the carbs and sugar as well. The combination of all those is super bad, but it’s the carbs and sugar that have the worst impact.

The article goes on to note that “One of the earliest obesity experiments, published in the Lancet in 1956, comparing groups on diets of 90 per cent fat versus 90…

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The Big Bliss Out

Landscape at Unitarian Retreat Centre

Landscape at Unitarian Retreat Centre, England

It’s easy to feel that working hard on improving your life will just make things a bit better in practical terms and that’s it. I’m here to say that isn’t so! I’ve actually surprised myself a bit this last couple of months. Yes I’ve been sorting finances, clearing clutter, improving my diet and fitness (see my Paleo Magnifico blog) getting back to my creative and spiritual work. I expected a bit less debt, a bit more order, slightly improved mood. What I didn’t expect was the big bliss out.

Walking my dog in the morning by the river or the sea here in Cramond, Edinburgh, I have gotten ecstatic. The latin root is ex stasis, literally, out of state. Out of all the normal limiting states you find yourself in and in touch with your true nature. Your true nature is joy. Happiness is situational, joy is indigenous. It is our default position. To get to it, we need to remove all the silly stuff that is dancing around our brains, errands, dishes, annoyance, and once we have sorted some of it, our native state will begin to return.

A New Year: Bring it Here!

We all want fresh starts, don’t we? Not just the do-overs. Disaster marriage, let’s give it another go. Failed degree, failed career, bankruptcy, lost figure or figures. How many shots do we get at any of those things? Potentially many but there are legal limitations. We wait for the new year and our resolutions, then if it goes awry we wait till the next year.

We don’t need to. Each morning we wake afresh. The options are all there.Resolutions can help, but not if they’re annual all or nothings. A day off your chosen diet doesn’t mean you’ve failed and you give up on it. Come on, we just had the holidays!

Maybe you’ve had a rough year. I did. Not as rough as many. When I was in Edinburgh for the Hogmanay celebrations, I passed a gentleman begging on the street. One of my daughters gave him some money and I said, “I hope this year is better than the last one.” He looked up with a lovely smile and said, “Me too!”

It’s good to remember that if we have a roof over our heads, even a tiny bit of money in the bank, and food in the fridge, we’re in the top five percent of the world’s wealthy. But how do you apply that understanding each day? How do you sense the fresh start, the potential you have to do what you dream?

One thing that can help is giving yourself a few morning moments. If it means rising a half hour earlier than your family or your work it’s worth it. Take a few moments to meditate, listen to an uplifting song, write in a journal, reflect and decide how you want to spend your precious new day. Each day is your precious fresh start. If you have a few hiccups in your resolution, don’t give up, focus afresh, use the momentary fail to do it better the next time. A fresh start is always available.


The Power of Music


I just had a super creative day, and the key has been music. I moved house last year, and last week finally found my case of favourite CDs. There were a few I used to listen to every morning between 5 and 8 am when I did my writing when my children were little. (Laptop on a plant stand by the bed, toddler asleep, baby on a boob. 🙂 When I put the music on it was like a part of my brain switched on and I worked all day.

I experience the same thing when I run and work out, certain tunes make me want to speed up and dig deeper.

Try it for yourself, have a go at something you love with music you love and see how it improves things.

Don’t Dream It, Be It

magentaDo you remember the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I played Magenta as a teen and had lots of fun. Last night I watched it again for the first time in a long while, and the song with the above title struck a cord. Why spend our time hoping, praying and pretending we are all we’d like to be? There’s nothing wrong with hope and prayer as part of our modality, but it can make us fall back from what we want to be right now. Take a few moments to think what you’d like to be and then go for it. Do you want to be bi-lingual? Learn a word, any word, in the language you like. Do you want to be fetching? Whatever your state or weight, wear something you love and go out there with confidence and your lovely eyes showing it. Beauty is so much in expression, how many unconventionally attractive and older people with great eyes, expressions and personalities have been regarded as dishy? Think Humphrey Bogart, Udo Kier, Dawn French, Judy Dench. Want to play piano? You’re never too old, and there are online courses that will get you going in no time. Do you want to be fit? Go for a walk, get on a paleo diet, you’ll be starting fitness. Do you want money? Think of one thing you would do when rich that you can do now. Take an afternoon off in a nice place, have a nice drink at an elegant place wearing a great outfit, try the most expensive perfume you fancy. Guess what, you’ll be wearing it, just as though you were rich.Go to a mansion and have a walk around. My eldest daughter gave me a great tip one day. We were at Mellerstain House, an amazing place in Scotland, and I felt morose because I didn’t live there. She said, “What do you mean Mum? You’re alive, and you’re here. You are living here.” I wasn’t deaming it, I was being it, a person who lives at a mansion. I even look a lot like Magenta now, so don’t dream it, be it!

No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

On this first day of the Celtic New Year, I return to my blogs.

Full details might be deemed illegal, but put it this way, after decades of seeking a soul mate I ended up with soul freight, an ungodly amount of misery, distress, hatred, financial disaster, inflamed thyroid, stuffocation, suffocation and self-loathing to heave around for a long time. I couldn’t deal with being stalked on my blogs as well as everywhere else so I emptied all content at the time.

I’ve learned a lot, which I hope to use to help others. We’re meaning making monkeys, and the way we make meaning of unpleasant experience is to help save others from it, or enable them to cope with it better. A while back I saw the wonderful production of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in Edinburgh, with Simon Callow, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Ronald Pickup. I wrote to them all after, because I realised the impact the play had made on me, having seen it first at age 7 with my Mum and Dad. Various aspects implanted themselves in my mind, such as the great quote, “There’s man all over for you, blaming on his boots the fault of his feet.

Simon Callow sent me the post card below which is now framed by my fireplace, and has become an important life motto. However rough it gets, keep calm and keep yourself, failing or succeeding, no one can repeat or replace you.

Simon Callow sent me this when I wrote to him with enormous gratitude for his performance in Waiting for Godot.

Simon Callow sent me this when I wrote to him with enormous gratitude for his performance in Waiting for Godot.